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This website is dedicated to ensuring that home-owners who are residents at parks owned and operated by Jeff Small Snr, Barbara Small and Jeff Small Jnr.have access to information intended to support them in their fight for fairness, justice and restitution for common breaches of their Agreements. It is to provide a vital communication hub between Residents Associations and members, to create awareness of key issues and to aid the implimentation of strategies intended to ensure that those named above operate their businesses in accordance with law and regulation and with full and proper regard to their social responsibilities. Home imageThe time to restore equal balance between their Rights as site owners and those of all residents is now . The days of one resident one group or one Association seeking reasonableness against the odds and barriers are now over. jbsresidents Alliance creates one voice and one united front. Together we can address issues under an umbrella of agreed action with the confidence that only an affiliation of sites and the joint resolve of all home-owners can bring. If you have not already opted in to this jbsresidents alliance, please Contact Us The more our numbers, the greater is our strength and the swifter our successes will be. This site will be expanded in accordance with need and demand and will be regularly updated. In the meantime please use the links so far provided.

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With freedom of expression comes responsibility.  One is that we publish what is evidenced or at least meets the test of the strong balance of probabilites alongside comment that is reasonable under the circumstances.   The second responsibility is to afford protections for those who may be less able to protect themselves and to expose issues that are in the public interest.  At all times this website meets both of these criteria.